Pearl Lemon Phase 2: Remote Job Application Form

Welcome to the Pearl Lemon Placement application. In this phase we’ll briefly give you some insights into the company before you submit your application 🙂

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The current company structure:

If you do work with us you will find this to be an experience like no other. Our Operations Director Lydia commented after her first month with us over 12 months ago:
“It has been one of the greatest learning experiences so far for me. One month here at Pearl Lemon has had professional learning and improvement for me than four and a half years so far of my schooling”
(She came through our placement programme)

About Us:

The Pearl Lemon Group (PLG) business development company. We have tons of case studies, independently verified reviews, long-form interviews alongside our founder having an extremely strong personal brand.
Founded in October 2016, we currently have clients across Europe, North America, and Asia, with our operations team in India, strategy team in the US, and current sales team in Europe.
Welcome to the second phase of the Pearl Lemon interview process! 🤗 We would LOVE it if you could fill out this brief form to get to know you better.


Please take your time with the short answer questions and your video submission. For inspiration on crafting standout responses, feel free to explore these samples:
  • Take Your Time: Read each question carefully to make sure you understand what’s being asked before you dive into answering.
  • Keep It Snappy: Try to get to the point but don’t skip the good stuff! Make sure you include all the important details that show why you’re a great fit.
  • Set the Stage: For video responses, find a quiet spot with good lighting. Make sure the camera is set up so it feels like we’re having a face-to-face chat.
  • Bring Examples to Life: Got a story that shows off your skills? We’d love to hear it! Use real-life examples to share how you’ve handled situations in the past.
  • Double-Check: Give your answers a quick review to fix any typos and make sure everything reads clearly. It’s like tidying up before guests arrive!
  • Tech Check: Before starting, make sure your computer and internet are ready to go so there are no hiccups.
  • Reflect a Bit: Think about what makes you great for this role. This little bit of prep can make your answers shine.

Our Core Values:

Our people work remotely, manage our own workload, time and make sure priorities get taken care of. We sometimes work at 7 am and sometimes start work at 7 pm. Other times, we take Wednesday off and put work in on Sunday.
There are no set times, only set task loads, and we are forever hungry to get things done. We are proactive (not reactive), strive to ‘get better the next time’ take pride in crushing our to-do lists and keep our main objectives in mind.
We are firmly committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence.
Every setback, criticism or challenge we face from clients, partners and any outside forces, whether professional or personal, are simply opportunity for us to improve how we do business
We are positive, never say die, are go-getters enjoy throwing ourselves into the deep end and have an entrepreneurial spirit in everything that we do

Where the Team is From


We’ll review your application and if we wish to move forward will reach out on Whatsapp 🙂
A Whatsapp conversation with our head of HR. Then you’ll be shown our programme. If that’s agreed to – then you’ll move to phase 3 of the process – a 3-day trial (There are 4 phases in total).
Skills for life. We are aggressively self/team development-led. Will support your growth with extremely rapid feedback and be quick to help you improve. Our model will be beneficial for you to get an insight into as well. We’ve never met our clients face to face, our team is worldwide; we have no office and our founder Deepak Shukla works between McDonald’s, Costa, Starbucks, and his home in Italy. This is aside from getting a great reference, building your portfolio lots of learning about management, growth, technical skills, and the possibility of long term work

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