Monthly Placement Update 3 – Lynn (HR & Social Media Manager)

A lot can happen in one month. I didn’t realize this until the end of May when I was transitioning from a content writer to working in social media and HR. What an exciting experience it has been! I’ve been learning a lot, especially on how to make time for things that matter.  Like going […]

Weekly Partner Update 2 – Monica (Social Media Manager)

Hello you,  Monica here again, my second week started with a message from Federica – HR Success Manager asking how my first week was and if I would be happy to continue my trial week with Plant Sumo. Oh yeah! Of course, I was glad to continue. So I got a WhatsApp group invite to […]

Weekly Partner Update 1 – Monica (Social Media Manager)

Hello everyone,    My name is Monica, I just completed my first-week trial as an partner for Plant Sumo – a new plant-based delivery and preparation service that will be launching early next month, so this is officially my first blog post! I was so excited when hired as a Social Media Manager to plan, […]