Weekly Partner Update 12 – Heather (Head of PR/Content Writer)

Heather here 🙂 It’s been a pretty productive week, overall. Naturally, this meant I had to sabotage my winning streak somehow (can’t go scoring yourself an 8 for productivity in the team meeting and think you can just get away with it, after all)!  So despite my misgivings about the idea of a ‘fun, family […]

Weekly Placement Update 8 – Harry (Content Writing/PR Team Member)

Ain’t no party like a PR party!   This week has definitely taken a positive shift towards PR. I feel like Deepak and Heather are at the bow of the Pequod and I’m just on the deck trying to slosh out water.   They’re taking serious leads and bounds in the right direction and I’m […]

Weekly Placement Update 7 – Harry (Content Writing/PR Placement)

Man, what a week!   I feel like I have been pulled in twenty different directions and the wheels on this train just don’t stop!   In the past week, I’ve done even more new tasks than I could ever have imagined. I’ve learnt to make broken link profiles and finally done my first piece […]

Weekly Partner Update 10 – Heather (Head of PR/Content Writer)

Heather here 🙂 Happy Diwali to all my friends and colleagues who celebrate the beautiful Festival of Lights!     Last week was intense. If you read my previous blog post, you’ll recall I was locked in a metaphorical arm-wrestle with Shakespeare’s Othello (also known as writing a university essay).     Up until this […]

Weekly Partner Update 9 – Heather (Head of PR/Content Writer)

Heather here 🙂 It’s been another crazy week! Firstly, how is it November already? I swear it was September, like, yesterday. That might explain how I ended up panicking about my first university assignment of the academic year. The nasty little 1.5k word piece on Othello just snuck up on me from behind a guise […]

Weekly Placement Update 6 – Harry (Content Writing/PR Placement)

So, what a week (and a bit).   Trump (sort of) leaving the White House after a crazy election (not that I really understand the whole ‘American system’ but it’s certainly an entertaining watch) Covid-19 vaccine in the works – which means, just like the war, it’ll ‘all be over by Christmas’!   What a […]

Weekly Placement Update 5 – Harry (Content Writing/PR Placement)

So the first thing to say from the tail end of last week was I did manage to reach out (pun intended) for some help qualifying competitor backlinks to PR outreach. Maheshawri really came through in the last push to contact links for Astteria and Dr Watson respectively before Friday.   This all came in […]

Weekly Partner Update 8 – Heather (Head of PR/Content Writer)

    Heather here 🙂 It’s officially 2 months since I started at Pearl Lemon! Honestly, it’s become such a major part of my everyday life and identity. I’m finding it hard to believe it’s only been that long. It was half-term here in the UK, meaning I was able to take a breather from […]

Weekly Partner Update 6 – Heather (Head of PR/Content Writer)

Heather here 🙂 If you knew me, you’d know the chances of me actually riding a roller coaster are non-existent. I’m still not sure whether it’s my inner-ear issues, my horrendous motion sickness or my secret belief that I will literally fall to my death once it hits a loop. Regardless of the reason, I […]

Weekly Partner Update 5 – Heather (Head of PR/Content Writer)

Heather here 🙂 It’s been a week of quick wins for me at Pearl Lemon this week. There’s this strange feeling of having accomplished a lot, and also nothing at all. I finally started using the Trello app this week (it only took me this long to get around to it) and I’m loving it.  […]