Monthly Intern Update 1 Simeon (PR Executive)

Hey There! My name is Simeon Lakuc and I’m currently a PR Executive at Pearl Lemon. I joined just over a month ago towards the end of August and it has been one hell of an experience so far.    When I first applied to Pearl Lemon, I had intended to work as a content […]

Monthly Partner Update #5 – Amy (Content Writer & PR Intern)

Hello world! Welcome to my fifth monthly intern blog. The lockdown has finally lifted in a significant way and it’s really lifted my spirits. I also am starting to feel genuinely at ease working at Pearl Lemon.  It’s not that I have been very nervous or anything before now, but I didn’t feel like I […]

Monthly Partner Update #4 – Amy (Content Writer/PR Partner)

Hi everyone! Update number 4! I’m can’t believe it’s been this long. Aside from my usual PR and content writing tasks, I have asked if work was happy to let me do some design tasks and they said yes! I’ll be starting out small, just some youtube thumbnails – here’s a sneak peek at what […]

Monthly Team Member Update #4 – Amy Swain (Content Writer & PR Partner)

Long time no see guys! If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I was timidly taking on new PR tasks and had worried about getting my first media mention. Just a few weeks later and I’ve got seven media mentions! (Some of them are pending haha.) I’m so pleased that I said yes […]

Bi-weekly Partner Update Weeks 13-14 – Heather (PR Director/Content Writer)

    Heather here… I’m playing a bit of catch-up with these posts. December has been pretty intense – mainly in a good way, but busy is busy (for instance, I’ve gotten almost zero Christmas shopping done…thank God for Amazon, am I right?) So, on to what I’ve been up to… PR Outreach We’re prepping […]

Weekly Placement Update 10 – Harry (Content Writing/PR Placement)

And…Christmas is officially over!   I had a lovely Christmas weekend I’m sure you’ll all be glad to hear. Way too much food, booze, and festivities (although a lot of it had to be done over Skype!).     This is now my tenth placement update. I was about to say weekly but we’ve now […]

Weekly Placement Update 9 – Harry (Content Writing/PR Placement)

Another bit of an on/off week due to some personal life stuff going on so it was definitely a bit of a slow start this time around.   Because of that, I think something that I pride myself on (my productivity) wasn’t quite up to par this week which is fair enough.   I did […]

Weekly Partner Update 13 – Heather (Head of PR/Content Writer)

Heather here 🙂 This week I had yet another 1.5k word university piece due on the subject of Candide. If you’ve never had the privilege of reading Voltaire’s satirical take on Leibnitz’s philosophy of Optimism…that makes two of us. I never actually got around to reading it, either!     This wasn’t an intentional rebellion […]

Weekly Placement Update 8 – Harry (Content Writing/PR Placement)

Hi all!   It could be a short weekly update this week guys – I’ve got a heap of stuff going on in my ‘non-Pearl Lemon’ life which has sort of taken over this week.   Other than that, I had my 2-month review call with Deepak yesterday. Another positive review but with definite areas […]