Monthly Partner Update #4 – Amy (Content Writer/PR Partner)

Hi everyone! Update number 4! I’m can’t believe it’s been this long. Aside from my usual PR and content writing tasks, I have asked if work was happy to let me do some design tasks and they said yes! I’ll be starting out small, just some youtube thumbnails – here’s a sneak peek at what […]

Monthly Placement Update 1- Lynn (Content Writer)

Thanks to a college education, I have developed a love-hate relationship with writing. I love writing, but I hate writing essays. I feel that I am rewarded for lengthy personal reflections at college rather than clear and concise sentences. Most of my motivation for these monotonous essays is indeed the desperation to meet a deadline […]

Monthly Team Member Update #4 – Amy Swain (Content Writer & PR Partner)

Long time no see guys! If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I was timidly taking on new PR tasks and had worried about getting my first media mention. Just a few weeks later and I’ve got seven media mentions! (Some of them are pending haha.) I’m so pleased that I said yes […]

Weekly Partner Update #3 – Amy (Content Writer)

Bonjour my friends, it’s my third weekly partner update! If you have read my previous posts, you’ll know that I had some pretty ambitious goals during my first week. At that point, I was writing content for Plant Sumo.  There were definitely challenges, but it wasn’t too far out of my comfort zone. I used […]

Weekly intern update 2- Sam (Content Writer)

Hi everyone! This will be my second update since starting my position a few weeks ago. In fact, it might even be a month now if you include my trial week.  The question that I will be answering is what have I been doing during these past few weeks.  I have been focusing on guest […]

Weekly Intern Update #4 – Nelly (Content writer)

Happy #SinglesAwarenessDay hahaha Remember, when I said I wanted more responsibilities? Well, I got them!  Last week I attended a PR training call with my team, and it was pretty exciting.  I was already helping Heather with some PR email stuff, so I was aware of the general gist of PR, but whoa this was […]

Weekly Partner Update #2 – Amy (Content Writer)

Welcome to my second work placement update! I’m pleased to say that I’m on the way to meeting one of my goals while working under Pearl Lemon!  The whole team was trained on how to use Page Optimiser Pro, a tool that you can use to make sure that your published content is up-to-date and […]

Weekly Intern Update 6: Pearl – Content Writer

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. This is mostly because I’ve been doing a lot of writing behind the scenes.  I’ve officially transitioned from Pearl Lemon and I’m working with Federica and Giulia focusing solely on Pearl Lemon Academy.  This gives me an opportunity to be in the developmental process of […]

Weekly Team Member Update #1 – Amy (Content Writer)

Welcome to my first intern update! I’m Amy, a Content Writer for Plant Sumo. I feel really grateful that I’m able to write this update because it means that I am doing something that I really enjoy, which is writing content about food! Please enjoy this picture of me tucking into a vegan burger: I […]

Weekly Intern Update Update 1- Sam (Content Writer)

Hi everyone, I hope all is well!    My name is Sam and it’s nice to meet you. This will be my first update since starting as an intern a couple of weeks ago. During this time, I have been introduced to the wonderful team and have started to communicate through several different platforms including […]