Monthly Placement Update 3 – Tobias (Content Writer)

Monthly Placement Update 3 – Tobias (Content Writer) I have now officially been working at Pearl Lemon for 3 months, and it’s been quite the journey – constantly learning, constantly being challenged, constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone, but ultimately for the better. Content Writing As a content writer, I have definitely come […]

Placement Update #2 – Tamara (Content Writer)

Placement Update #2 – Tamara (Content Writer) Source: Unsplash   I have officially started my second month as a content writer with Pearl Lemon, and saying that still feels unreal. As I wrote in my previous update, I am still learning new things every single day, and my workload is constantly increasing, giving me more […]

Monthly Intern Update 1 – Josephine (Content Writer)

Hi everyone, I am Josephine Angela, I am a content writer. I recently joined Pearl lemon, August 7th, so it’s been almost 2 months. And what an eventful two months it’s been.  My goal when I decided to apply for the content writing internship was to build my portfolio as a writer and possibly even […]

Monthly Intern Update 1- Prudence (Content Writer)

Hello everyone, this is Prudence Yanzi from the Content Writing team. I don’t know where to start with this one. This internship has been the opportunity that I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I have always wanted to write(songs, ideas, posts on social media, my WhatsApp status); it all counts :). I […]

Monthly Placement Update 1- Ebo (Content Writer)

Hi Everyone! In my partnership with Pearl Lemon, I’ve had a fascinating and eventful journey that I would love to share with everyone. My name is Ebo Aneju, and currently, I am a content writer at Pearl Lemon. I’ve been working with Pearl Lemon for two months, and I think this is a great time […]

Monthly Placement Update 1 – Tobias (Content Writing)

Monthly Placement Update 1 – Tobias Content Writing I effectively joined Pearl Lemon at the End of June and I can say with 100% certainty that I have learnt a lot and received invaluable experience. Joining Pearl Lemon was a first for me in many ways. This was my first time; Working for a primarily […]

Monthly Partner Update #5 – Amy (Content Writer & PR Intern)

Hello world! Welcome to my fifth monthly intern blog. The lockdown has finally lifted in a significant way and it’s really lifted my spirits. I also am starting to feel genuinely at ease working at Pearl Lemon.  It’s not that I have been very nervous or anything before now, but I didn’t feel like I […]

Monthly Update-Sam (content writer placement)

Hi everyone,  This is my long overdue blog update!  It has been a while, so let’s get started.  Since my last update, I have been taking regular Friday team meetings. For each team meeting, I have learned something new on SEO. The next important part is to implement what I have learned into the work […]

Monthly Placement Update 2- Lynn (Content Writer)

Two things: I’ve been working with Pearl Lemon for two months now!  I’ve graduated! It’s been a bumpy ride balancing my last year of school with a new internship, but I would do it all over again if I had to! Working with Pearl Lemon has taught me a lot— more than I expected to […]