Monthly Placement Update 1 – Yelena (Web Designer)

Hi guys! My name is Yelena (or Lena) and I’m a full time Web designer here at Pearl Lemon. You may remember my name from the last blog that I wrote a month ago, but if not, here it is 🙂 Not sure what to say, just that time flies by!!! The day after […]

Monthly Intern Update 1 – Purvish (Front-end web developer)

Hey everyone, I’m Purvish. As a quick introduction – I live in India and am pursuing my bachelor degree in IT. And on the other side, I call myself a Photographer, a Snapchat Lens Creator and a web designer but not a writer (not at all). This is the first time I’m writing a blog […]

Weekly Partner Update 8 – Kaushal (Designer)

Hello Everyone 👋 It’s me again after a few weeks! 😀 I have completed my 8 months with Pearl Lemon and still, it’s counting and enjoying working with PL day by day! It’s been a very crazy few weeks and so many things get done.🤪 As I am working on the Omnireach’s Dashboard and it’s […]

Final Partner Update – Fares (UI/UX Designer)

Hey all! Today marks my final day with the Pearl Lemon team – an unforgettable experience both as a designer and as a person. I’ve learned a lot, especially during a period of uncertainty and harsh times, I know I can be productive and gain some knowledge whilst in a business environment. Not only was […]

Weekly Partner Update 7 – Kaushal (Designer)

Hello all! This is Kaushal again from the Pearl Lemon. If you don’t remember then I am a Head of Design at Pearl Lemon and handling all the design related tasks. It’s been a wonderful journey so far (it’s been 7 months now)! and I am enjoying what I am doing. I have been worked […]

Weekly Partner Update 6/7 – Fares (UI/UX & Web Designer)

Hey guys, I’m back with another bi-weekly post – I figured this would be alot easier as I’ve been busy with alot of tasks so might as well mention it in a double week post.  So, for the past two weeks, I’ve made progress on SerpWizz, Daylee, and the Partnership Blog. For SerpWizz, I’ve finalised […]

Weekly Partner Update 4/5 – Fares (UI/UX & Web Designer)

Hey guys, back with my fourth and fifth blog post with my time at the company. I’ve reached my 2nd month with Pearl Lemon and it has been a great experience so far. I was incredibly busy over the past 2 weeks hence why I’ve combined this post. These past 2 weeks I’ve been going […]

Weekly Partner Update 3 – Fares (UI/UX & Web Designer)

Hey again guys, On to my third blog post for my time at the company, this week has been involved in some video editing and subtitling for Deepak’s course videos, and a re-draft of my design with The Fitness Group. HappyScribe is a platform that transcribes and subtitles your videos automatically. A nifty tool for […]

Weekly Partner Update 2 – Fares (UI/UX & Web Designer)

Hey again everyone, very busy week (and coming weeks) as usual and I’ll share my updates with you all.   End of last week marked the end of development for the partnership Blog for Pearl Lemon and began the feedback/review amendment phase, given by the lovely team over the week. This consisted of small errors […]

Weekly Partner Update 1 – Fares (UI/UX & Web Designer)

Hi everyone, I’m Fares, the UI/UX & Web Design partner for Pearl Lemon and I’ll be writing my first blog post for this week. I’m a Computer Science student at Queen Mary, University of London and will be heading out to University of Texas, Austin for my third year (complicated process as of now but […]