Weekly Partner Update 12 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hi there all! It’s been quite a busy couple weeks – you may have noticed that I’ve missed an update! Not to worry, I’ll be filing you in on all of that here. As you know, I’ve been working diligently on a couple client Linkedin campaigns as well as internal ones over the last couple […]

Weekly Partner Update 11 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hey all, back again to update you with what’s been happening with my Pearl Lemon journey this week. This week has been full of making edits to the current campaigns that are being run. First, the Pearl Lemon Group campaign, which incorporates my, Ion’s, and Daniel’s accounts, has been pretty slow to get off the […]

Weekly Partner Update 10 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hey all! Back with my tenth partner blog update. It’s the start of my third month here with Pearl Lemon, and I can’t believe that I have just over 2 months left in the program! When I first began, it seemed like it would last forever. I’ve been able to acquire a ton of new […]

Weekly Partner Update 9 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hey all! Back again with another quick overview of my week. It’s my 15th week with Pearl Lemon and time is flying by so quickly. At the end of every week, it still surprises me that the days are flying by so quickly – I guess that is bound to happen when there’s so much […]

Weekly Partner Update 8 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hey all! Back again with another Partner update – it’s the start of my 14th week with Pearl Lemon! Time is really flying by so quickly. The last week was actually the first time that I’ve taken a few days off since I first started here. Usually, I’ll work 5-7 days a week at Pearl […]

Weekly Partner Update 7 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hi All! Yet another busy week (if you’re reading these back to back, this must be tiring to read, haha)! This last week (two) has probably been one of the most productive and hectic throughout my time here at Pearl Lemon. With Dee on vacation last week and a couple new clients coming on board […]

Weekly Partner Update 6 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hey everyone, busy week as always! Last monday was probably one of the most productive I’ve had thus far, I got quite a bit done within one day. I’ve been reading Dee’s newsletters and they are pretty interesting! From marathons to real estate investing, they’re always a good read – especially to start off the […]

Weekly Partner Update 5 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hello again! Wow, time is really flying by! I feel like I just wrote “Partner blog #4” yesterday! Alas, it has been another week, so let’s look at what I’ve been getting up to… Last Friday (7/24/20), we skipped our weekly internal meeting because there were multiple people who could not attend. Because of this, […]

Weekly Partner Update 4 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hi again! So we close another eventful week here at Pearl Lemon and beyond. As you know if you’ve read any of my other updates, I mainly focus on Linkedin lead generation here at Pearl Lemon, with some other tasks slipping in. This week was really the first week with a new caller, someone who […]

Weekly Partner Update 3 – Skylar (Lead Generation Manager)

Hi again, everyone! Reporting back from another busy week, both Pearl Lemon related and otherwise. To start off the week, I had a call with Federica to discuss the Italian version of Kemistri. She’ll be able to communicate in Italian and speak more relevantly to the Italian market. We went over the main points of […]