Weekly Member Update 17 – Akhila (Research Analyst)

Hey Everyone 🙂  Hope you all are doing good  This is Akhila, I’m the Research Analyst at Pearl Lemon. Firstly, I wish you all a Happy New Year 😀 Hope you all had a great vacation. I turned into working full-time with Pearl Lemon as a Research Analyst. I really love this opportunity which helps […]

Weekly Intern Update #5 – Giulia (Digital Marketing Specialist team member)

Hey reader, Can’t wait to tell you what I’ve been through during these two weeks. I feel my productivity growing everyday more and this is because Pearl Lemon is full of valuable people ready to help whenever you need. You all know Pearl Lemon is based 100% remote, we do not have a physical office […]

Weekly Member update 3 – Akhila (Marketing Executive)

Hey Guys!!  Good Morning This is Akhila, Marketing Executive at Pearl Lemon. So, I’m back here to discuss with you about my 3rd week at Pearl Lemon. I could see my day to day responsibilities increases compared to the last couple of weeks and I was more productive this week(This might be for an increase […]

Weekly Partner Update #3 – Giulia (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Hey reader,  I know you missed me (HA!). Did you keep yourself safe? Well…this is going to be my last blog post before the new year 😊 It’s been a year of stops and starts. Of failures and triumphs. Of overcoming bad habits only to fall back into them when I’m having a tough time […]

Weekly Partner Blog Update Week 9 (Yanie – Digital Marketing Executive)

The week started like any other week, quite productive, beginning early and chugging through work. It was my last day working with the lead generation team. Spent the remainder of the day working on the SEO work for the Etsy client and begin uploading the listings on the Etsy website which is exciting.  Finally started […]

Weekly Partner Update #2 – Giulia (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Hey reader, welcome back! You will not believe what I’m about to say: do you remember my previous blog post? The panorama I showed you with the autumn colours and a pale winter sun? Well, it changed a bit…welcome snow!!! How much I waited for it!! Unfortunately, this pandemic situation doesn’t allow me (and you) […]

Weekly Partner Blog Update Week 8 – Yanie (Marketing Executive)

Monday started out terribly. There’s been construction happening on the block and I woke up with no power. I ran out of data on my phone too because of how terrible wifi was so I couldn’t access any work. They said it would take a few hours to fix but it wasn’t fixed until the […]

Weekly Partner Update #1 – Giulia (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Hey reader, Giulia here. Never heard about me? You’re right, because this has been my first week at Pearl Lemon as a digital marketing specialist team member. It’s been: – super cool as you are given tasks and you always have something to do; – dynamic ‘cause something could always come up; – funny especially […]

Weekly Team Member Update 29 – Tenny (Head of Research)

Hello everyone, I’m back again and very excited to share my experiences at Pearl Lemon. Today 27th November 2020, I’ve been a part of Pearl Lemon for 29 weeks,  You should be knowing if you had read my previous blogs, how’s it gonna be being with Pearl Lemon Fam! It’s just a rush ride as […]